Purchasing electricity

When you’re looking to supply your business with electricity, we have flexible purchasing options allowing for various degrees of market risk.

Flexible purchasing

Origin’s Flexible Purchasing Product (FPP) is an option for your large business to fix the price of energy purchased in portions or tranches.

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Giving your business better electricity purchasing options

Watch how Flexible Purchasing can help your business improve the price you pay and when you pay for your energy.

Video transcript

What does Good Energy look like for large commercial and industrial businesses?

We think it means providing your business with flexibility and the tools to help better manage the energy you use.

One way we do that is offer businesses like yours a way to purchase electricity when you want and at the price that best suits your business.

Flexible Purchasing

Origin’s Flexible Purchasing Product or FPP, gives you the opportunity to purchase electricity in portions.

Flexible purchasing allows you to:

  • Better control the way you purchase electricity
  • Fix the price of electricity in portions
  • Achieve a balanced price and risk outcome that’s relative to the current market
  • Access other carbon reduction initiatives such as Demand Side Management, Solar, export electricity arrangements and any Environmental Certificates.

How does FPP work?

You advise us of your forecasted annual volume of electricity you think you need,

either for the calendar year or financial year which will be split into quarterly periods.

We’ll provide you with a formal offer based on the volumes quoted and if you accept our offer, we’ll formalise the contract.

Your dedicated DFPP portal

As part of a DFPP contract, you have access to our dedicated digital portal – or DFPP – so you can transact online when you need. Once you get your login details, you’ll need to set up your password.

Once you log in, you’ll see this dashboard.

Using the picture tiles, it’s easy access to your contracts, forecasts and Origin’s current energy prices. All your transactions and enquiries are recorded so you can keep track without the paperwork.

The portal stores all your transactions and enquiries, as well as your average weighted price so you can keep track without the paperwork.

We’ve made it easier to monitor the current position of your FPP contract; your forecasted volume quantity for the quarter, and any remaining quantity that needs to be purchased.

And if you have any questions, you can make enquiries within the portal direct to our trading team.

Or if you’d prefer to chat, contact your account manager.

We’re a leading supplier of FPP arrangements since 2005 and with the expertise of our trading and sales teams, you have the expertise to support your business.

Call us today on 13 23 34 or email CRCPortfolioSales@originenergy.com.au


You’re in control

  • Depending on the version of the FPP chosen, you can fix the price of energy for the full total, or portion, of your forecasted load.
  • You decide when to transact and the transaction is completed on that day.


Online portal

  • Access all your transactions and enquiries through our dedicated digital portal.


Partner with an expert

We’re a large and active energy buyer so energy purchasing is a core competency.

We’ll also keep you updated on key market events and provide our own insights.

Digital FPP

As part of an Origin FPP contract, you’ll get access to our dedicated FPP portal that allows you to:

  • Make energy purchases,
  • View all your FPP contracts in one place,
  • See your current energy forecasts and reforecast,
  • Make an enquiry specific to your FPP contract.

All this with the ability to view Origin’s real time pricing. Or if you prefer, submit an offer direct to our Origin trading team.

What experience do you have in delivering under an FPP?

Origin is a leading supplier of FPP arrangements. We closed our first FPP in 2005, and have contracted more than 13 TWh under FPPs.

Can you provide a contract for supply under an FPP today?

Yes. We have invested significantly in the development of the FPP, creating a fully featured FPP Schedule that appends to our standard Electricity Supply Agreement. Supported by our robust systems & processes, we provide expertise at all stages of our agreement. 

Can you help me to time my purchases by providing relevant market information?

Our Wholesale & Trading team will provide timely feedback on the state of the market and where we have identified a market opportunity provide an offer for your consideration.

Does the FPP allow me flexibility in managing my energy consumption?

You can choose the optimal mix of spot and fixed price exposure on a quarterly basis. With the Commercial FPP you may update the consumption forecast annually, with a ±10% tolerance band.

What happens if we change our strategy and want to exit the deal?

We require six months’ notice to trigger a no-fault termination clause. We will even make an offer to you to convert the existing agreement to a standard ESA; taking into account any forward purchases. We don’t lock you in to a long-term deal.

What are the experiences of other FPP customers?

We are happy to facilitate a conversation with one of our satisfied customers at an appropriate point in our negotiations.


Expanding your business?

We can help identify energy savings.