Relocating or selling your assets can be a complicated process.

You want things to go as smoothly as possible. That's why it helps to let us know as early as you can.

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Moving your energy

We're expert movers.

We move energy for large businesses regularly so you can trust that we'll help every step of the way, from managing equipment at the existing site to setting up your energy at the new location. And we’ll draw from our extensive experience with your distributor and the relevant regulatory bodies to know the questions to ask and the processes to follow.


Check your contract

Your energy contract with us has the detail you need to know to relocate your business. You can always contact your account manager to help.


We'll contact the network

We will act on your behalf to engage with your distributor about changes in supply to the previous site as well as provide information on the new site.

It's important to note that sometimes a response from the network can take some time depending on size of project, so letting us know early helps.


Assess requirements at the new location

We’ll discuss your load requirements and any infrastructure you need to get your business going. We’ll tailor a complete solution from the energy you use, to metering technology and ongoing support.

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