Power of Choice



Power of Choice is the name given to a set of reforms underway in the National Electricity Market.

Among the reforms, due from 4 December 2017, are new Market participant roles, new and changed responsibilities for retailers, like Origin, and energy distributors.

The key changes for business customers are:

New Metering Coordinator (MC) Role:

  • Obtain MC Compliance Certification from AEMO
  • MC is responsible for metering (including installation, maintenance and data collection) and coordinating / appointing Meter Providers (MP) and Meter Data Providers (MDP)

New Embedded Network Manager Role:

  • Will facilitate access to competitive retail offerings for embedded network customers

Retailer Responsibilities

  • Origin will no longer be responsible for the metering compliance of your site/s. This will be the responsibility of the Metering Coordinator.
  • Origin must appoint a MC.

What happens next?

You don’t have to do anything.

Your current Metering Provider has advised us they are registering to become a Metering Coordinator. If they successfully register, then we will appoint your current Metering Provider as the Metering Coordinator.

To find your current metering provider, details are listed on your invoice/s in the Metering and Services Charges section.

If your current Metering Provider does not successfully register to become a Metering Coordinator, we will nominate an alternate Metering Coordinator, unless you elect to appoint your own Metering Coordinator directly.

Under Power of Choice, you may choose to appoint a Metering Coordinator directly. To do this:

  1. Contact us to let us know as the metering charges under your ESA may change and to discuss if we need to sign a variation agreement to amend you ESA.
  2. Provide us with a copy of the agreement you have with your chosen Metering Coordinator

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