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Picking the right electricity and gas plan can be an overwhelming task. Here’s a fool-proof way to find the right energy plan for you.

Written by Michael Eva

Fixed rates, predictable bills and amazing discounts for paying on time or using BPay. You’re in control and the choice is yours… but what choice should you make?! Urgh!

Analysis paralysis strikes us all at some time or another. What makes things even trickier when choosing a power plan is that there’s a lot of information to consider. What are your peak and off-peak rates? What energy generation sources do you want? What type of FiT will you get for your solar panels?

Never fear though, it doesn’t have to be tough. I’ve devised a fool-proof way for you to meet the energy plan of your dreams.

The concept is simple; I’ve aligned plans to personality type. You pick your personality and voila, there’s a plan that will hopefully slot as neatly into your life as almond milk slots into a chia pudding.

Personality Type: Just keep my phone charged

Description: Not everyone cares passionately about power. A lot of us just want to know that when we get home from work the lights come on and the TV works. We’ve got busy enough lives without having to worry about feed-in-tariffs and off peak rates.

Plan: Predictable Plan – The brilliance of Predictable Plan is you  never have to worry about it. You lock in your monthly rate at the start of the contract and then pay the same amount each month for 12 months. No price hikes or nasty surprises. Find out more.

Personality Type: Don’t tie me down

Description: Are you the spontaneous type that will take off for a long weekend within an hour’s notice, break into song in the street or enjoys flashmobs? You crave flexibility because it means being able to do what you want, when you want, without being locked in or locked down.  

Plan: Origin Maximiser – Maximiser is one of our most popular plans. You get amazing discounts for paying with direct debit and… wait for it, there are no exit fees or lock-in contracts. Yep, that’s right, you have all of the flexibility you need in an energy plan. Find out more.

Personality Type: I’m a rock

Description: Are you the glue that sticks your family together? The mortar between the bricks? The honey in the bee-hive? You get the picture! You are a rock-steady island in a sea of chaos. You are organised and on top of the household finances and operations. You are definitely not adverse to the odd spreadsheet and are a master of your diary.

Plan: Origin Saver – This plan is simple. You pay on time and you save. No exit fees. Find out more.

Personality Type: It’s easy being green

Description: You care deeply about the environment you live in and are passionate about doing everything you can to support it.

Plan: Solar Boost – If you’ve already taken a step towards getting your own solar panels installed you should look at our Solar Boost plan and get a higher feed-in tariff for solar energy you export. Find out more.

Plan: Green Power – The great news is that you can add green power to any of our classic Origin plans. Green Power comes from government accredited renewable energy sources. Find out more.

Personality Type: I need control

Description: Do you find yourself saving the best part of your dinner until last? Do you eat all of the blue M&Ms first? Are you a terrible back-seat driver? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you need control in your life. You are an alpha personality and you need to know that you are in charge, because let’s face it, there’s no one else better qualified.

Plan: Rate Freeze – Get control of your energy rates. No energy rate rises for two years. Guaranteed. (Not available in all states). Find out more.

Personality Type: I’m salt of the earth

Description: If you are the type of dependable, knock-about type that just wants to get on with things. You enjoy nothing more than a barbie with mates and just want things to be easy.

Plan: Origin Supply – This is our classic, no-frills energy plan. Just good old fashioned energy, supplied to you with no lock-in contract just in case the mood takes you. Find out more.


  1. All plans mentioned in this article are for residential customers only.
  2. The plans mentioned in this article are not available all areas or for properties being connected for the first time.
  3. For Origin Saver, Maximiser and Solar Boost plans discounts apply to usage charges only (off our published Origin Supply usage charges, which can be found on here.
  4. For the Origin Saver plan pay on time discount not available to Power On customers (except Power On with direct debit)*
  5. Rate Freeze plan rates are different to rates that apply for our other energy plans. For details see our Energy Price Fact Sheets
  6. Customers on Origin Maximiser plans will be automatically registered for My Account and continue to receive your bills and correspondence via email after the energy plan period unless you disable it.
  7. Solar Boost customer’s solar PV system must be net metered and must not be larger than 10kW. You must not be receiving a feed-in tariff under any Government scheme.
  8. EasiPay not available to some customers
  9. Refer to terms and conditions for more 

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