What’s coming down the line in energy?

Blogger Kayte Murphy from Woogsworld.com joined us on the road to find out how energy gets to her and her family every day.

On the last day of my road trip, I wanted to look to the future of energy. I wanted to find out where our energy will come from in the future and how Origin is approaching renewable energy.

I got to speak with some people from Origin’s head office about future energy plans, and the outlook is pretty interesting. Tim O’Grady, General Manager of Public Policy, walked me through Australia’s current energy mix: it’s still heavily reliant on fossil fuels, so Origin remains committed to looking at renewables and other emerging technologies, such as the Tesla Powerwall Battery.

Day 7 – The energy future

Kayte finds out what energy sources make up Australia’s energy mix

Renewable energy goals across the world

I also talked with Ben Bolot, General Manager, International Development about what’s happening globally with renewable energy. Origin has recently invested in a solar farm in Chile. Turns out, there aren’t actually any animals on a solar farm (apart from a few pesky rabbits). These farms only ‘breed’ square kilometres of solar panels, and it’s this sort of progress in South America that’s making small and large-scale solar more accessible. Certainly, the price of solar panels is coming down, which is good news for the average householder. Tick!

Then I did some crystal ball gazing with Philip Mackey, Origin’s General Manager of Solar and Emerging Businesses. And while the future of energy might not yet include robotic butlers who can bring me my coffee in bed, there is likely to be a much more widespread uptake of solar in the home – in fact, we could see nearly everyone harnessing the power of the sun. And, excitingly, we could all eventually be using a combination of solar and home batteries which could make our homes much more self-sufficient over time.

I hope you enjoy the last leg of my road trip and thanks for coming along for the ride!

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