What to do if you receive a high energy bill

When it comes to energy bills, there are a number of factors that can affect your quarterly bills. Knowing what to check and how your household uses power are the first steps in taking control of your energy bills. 

What should you check if you receive a higher bill than usual?  

Check the season

Seasons tend to have a direct impact on the way we use our energy, in summer we use air conditioners to cope with the Aussie heat and in winter, we turn to heaters and electric blankets to keep ourselves warm and cosy. It’s for this reason we recommend comparing your bill with a bill for the same time last year, rather than the one before it.

Check your estimated meter reading

In some instances, a distributor may submit an estimated reading to us. This is usually due to access issues or in some cases severe weather events. You can check whether your meter has been read on the second page of your bill. If your bill is based on an estimated reading, you may be able to submit a self-read to us (as long as it’s 10 business days either side of your scheduled read date).

Check your concession card has been applied

If you hold an eligible concession card, this should be shown under the discounts and rebates section of your bill. If it hasn’t been applied, please feel free to reach out to our friendly team, so they can make sure your bill is updated.

Check that your energy plan hasn’t changed

Your plan, and any discounts it comes with, may have ended. If it has, then it’s time to choose another one. You can see which energy plan you’re on by logging onto My Account or looking at the front page of your bill. Find an energy plan to suit your needs.

Check the appliances you’ve been using

We’re all human and we all have needs (who can go without their morning cup of coffee?), but some appliances use more power than others. Check out our handy energy saving tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your appliances, without paying more than you need to.

Still stumped? Check out our high bill checklist.

Ready to take the future of your energy bills into your own hands (literally)?

You can monitor and control your home from wherever you are with our Home HQ. With handy notifications and the flexibility to switch appliances on/off, you’re always in the know.

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