What our homes will look like in the future

Technology is moving fast and changing the way we live.

It’s changing our homes too. They’re becoming smarter, a lot more efficient and even smaller. When it comes to the future of homes, we’ve got a lot to look forward to. 

1. Homes are getting smarter

It’s true. They’re doing their homework and are well equipped to pass with flying colours. Homes of the future are going to be smarter.

Have you ever left the house and thought there might be a chance you left the iron on? Has that nagging thought ever grown into an all-consuming fear, getting you back into your car, driving home, only to find your house safe and sound?

Smart homes have changed all of that. They’re giving you the ability to control electricity devices remotely by using a smartphone or computer, meaning you can stress less about that iron.

Imagine being able to turn your heater on remotely, half an hour before coming home in the winter time. Or programming your kettle to turn on just before your alarm goes off in the morning. The possibilities are endless!

2. They’re powering your vehicle

Smart homes are using environmentally friendly means to charge your appliances and cars! If you own an electric vehicle, the solar PV panels on your home or business can charge it. With a Tesla Powerwall battery storage solution, you can optimise the use of solar energy in your home even further.

3. They’re getting smaller

Some houses are about to get a whole lot smaller. Tiny, in fact.

Many Australians dream of owning their own home, but with housing prices on the rise, that dream is getting out of reach. The solution might just lie in downsizing to a compact 120 – 500 square feet.

The Tiny Homes movement has been sweeping the world over the past decade and is proving to be popular with people who want to live big in a small space.

Not only are they much cheaper to own, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, they’re also helping reduce household costs associated with heating and cooling, running utilities and household appliances. Some are even allowing people to live off the grid!

And it’s not necessarily all about sacrifice. What these homes lack in size, they make up for in design and innovation (they’re pretty spectacular).

4. They’re getting real(ish)

Virtual Reality is about to revolutionise the way we do most things.

Buying a house? The future of homebuying could be done through Virtual Reality headsets. Picture speaking to your real estate agent (with your VR headset on) as he takes you through the 10 or so properties you want to view, all while in the comfort of your own lounge room.

Decorating? Use your VR headset to ‘try before you buy’. See how a new colour scheme might look like in your lounge room. Rearrange your furniture. Swap your carpet for floor boards. Add an extension to the back room… The list goes on… Pretty amazing, right?!

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