We’re changing our prices from 1 July

We know that rising energy bills have an impact on your household budget – and we haven’t taken this decision lightly. We have made it because the wholesale market price of energy has risen, and this affects the whole industry.

Here’s what you can do about this price rise:                                                                   

Choose a plan that’s right for you

We have a range of different energy offers. Ring us on 13 24 61 or visit www.originenergy.com.au

Save energy and save money

Energy efficiency is not about sacrificing your household needs or comfort. It’s about using less energy. And it’s possible to do this by making a few small changes. Visit www.originenergy.com.au/for-home/my-account/usage/energy-efficiency-tips.html

Don’t just take our word for it 

We think you’ll find our prices are still competitive. You can use independent comparator websites in your state to compare deals but remember that when you’re reviewing energy offers, don’t just look at the discounts, but also the base prices they’re being discounted from.

Ask us for help

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, please contact us immediately on 13 24 61. We’ve put more money and resources to support our customers going through tough times, but you need to let us know you need our help.

Want to find out more?

We’ve put together an infographic to explain what’s happening the Australian energy market, how that affects our prices, and what we’re doing to help manage the transition for our customers.

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