Volkswagen driving into new EV era with $25 billion battery boost

Volkswagen may not have pioneered the electric vehicle market, but what they do have is significant mass-market experience, a globally recognised brand and the moniker of being the world’s largest car manufacturer.

Written by Claire Spencer

The german car maker plans to make as many as 3 million electric vehicles a year by the end of 2025, in a brazen grab at Tesla’s top-poll position of world’s most popular electric vehicle manufacturer.

Currently underway are plans to construct 16 factories so that the “12-brand group will roll out a new battery-powered model “virtually every month,” Chief Executive Officer Matthias Mueller said at the company’s annual press conference. “This is how we intend to offer the largest fleet of electric vehicles in the world.”

Recent VW battery purchases of 24.7B as compared to Tesla’s 17.5B, roughly 40% higher than Tesla demonstrate just how serious VW is about dominating the electric vehicle market.

Volkswagen have been clear on one thing, they do not intend to build the battery packs for vehicles themselves, rather relying on the expertise and capacity of other well-known battery producers, such as CATL, who is currently considering locations in Hungary, Germany and Poland for their first battery plant.

CATL already sells the most electric batteries to the largest vehicle manufacturers in China, and sees the partnership as an opportunity to capitalise on what VW have stated will be an overall 50 billion euro investment, one of the largest tenders for battery procurement.

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One thing’s’ for sure, if the first model off the VW ramp is anything to go by, Tesla has a battle on their hands. The model, a hatchback similar to the much-loved Golf, named the Neo will have a range of as much as 600km on a full battery and will be priced similar to the diesel Golf.

VW’s capacity to churn out more cars in 2 days than Tesla produced in 2016 gives an insight into what will be a very interesting battle indeed.

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