Work program supports Indigenous interns

In 2014, Origin partnered with non-profit organisation Career Trackers to provide internship opportunities for Indigenous university students.

Origin has partnered with Career Trackers, a national non-profit organisation,to provide internship opportunities for Indigenous university students looking to gain valuable work experience in the corporate world. 

In the video below, some of the 2015/16 students give an insight into their experience. 

2015/16 Career Trackers Interns share their experience

One student who’s been part of the Career Trackers program since late 2015 is Mitchell Torney. Mitchell, based in Queensland, is a Wakka Wakka and Waraburra man. He’s studying a Bachelor of Digital Media at CQ University and says that the program has given him a broad view of the digital space at a large company.

“Working with Origin has given me the opportunity to experience several different roles within digital media. It’s been great to see how varied the field can be, and it’s helped me focus on what I am interested in,” says Mitchell.

“Working with Origin has given me the chance to experience a number of areas of digital media. It’s been great to experience to try out so many different roles.”

Mitchell was introduced to the Career Trackers program through a friend, who is also part of the 2015/16 program. Internships run for three months and in this time Mitchell has worked in digital marketing, user experience, website management, social media, content creation and customer service.

“My time at Origin’s Melbourne office has been insightful and I’ve been able to get a foothold in an industry I’m interested in,” says Mitchell.

Origin hosted 11 Career Trackers interns this year, with the aim of providing insight into the way large companies work, and the varied roles they offer. Mitchell says the program has given clarity to what sort of opportunities he may like to move forward with.

“Without Career Trackers, I wouldn’t have been able to access this sort of work experience and at Origin; I’ve been able to get an insight into roles I previously didn’t know existed. I’d recommend this or a similar opportunity to anyone who’s looking for work experience.”

Origin’s commitment to reconciliation

As part of Origin’s Reconciliation Action Plan, we’ve committed to providing internships through the Career Trackers program for the next 10 years, with the aim of transitioning students into full-time employees upon completion of their degree.

Learn more about Origin’s Reconciliation Action Plan

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