Insider tips for moving out of home

Moving out of home is a pretty exciting time in your life. We spoke to a few first-time renters to get some advice on what to pack. 

If you’re moving out of home for the first time, you may be looking for a few moving tips from those in the know. We asked a few people who’ve done it all before to share some insights.

Insiders share their moving-out-of-home tips

10 tips for first-time renters

This isn’t a complete moving-out-of-home checklist, but these handy tips cover a few things that you may not have thought of.

1. Get connected

Get your electricity, gas and internet connected! No one wants to live without the essentials.

2. Cut extra keys

Don’t get locked out! Hide a spare key somewhere, or leave one at Mum and Dad’s. (They can drop it round when you get locked out!)

3. Stay in touch

Keep in touch with family members – you may not live there now, but you might want to use some of their stuff (and raid their fridge from time to time)!

4. Find friendly housemates

If you’re looking for housemates for your new home, getting along is key. Find housemates who have similar living styles to you and are like-minded on things like utilities and paying bills. (You might also want to consider housemates with TVs, fridges, couches or furniture! Of course, getting people you like should come first.)

5. Go op-shopping

Filling your new cupboards with plates, glasses and mugs, doesn’t need to be costly. Check out your local Op Shop for anything you may need. Most are a treasure trove!

6. Settle in

You don’t need everything to be perfect from day one. Settle in a bit and see what you need, or what you’re missing. Hang out in your bedroom, living areas and any outdoor places – both alone and with friends – to get ideas about how you might want to use the space.

7. Throw a BYO housewarming

Celebrate your move, it’s an exciting step! Get your mates to bring a few bevies and snacks and your party will be catered – without you having to drop a week’s rent.

8. Get familiar with expenses

Share houses and renting comes with some costs you may not have paid before, such as water charges. Just make sure you have some money saved for those bills.

9. Agree on house rules

You want to be happy in your new home, and it’s not too bossy to get a few rules in place around splitting and paying bills.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Everyone’s different so sharing with mates can be a learning curve.

Some people are tidy, some aren’t, but don’t let a few unwashed cups spoil your weekend. Everyone is getting used to Mum and Dad not being around to tidy up!

“Keep in touch with family members – you may not live there now, but you might still want to use some of their stuff (and raid their fridge from time to time)!”

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