Valentines Day gift guide

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may be scratching your head as to what gift will be just right for your loved one and show them just how important they are to you. 

While flowers, chocolates and handmade cards are lovely, if your partner is the type to lust after the latest gadgets, they might not cut it. We put together a guide for Christmas which might also be helpful when doing your Valentine’s Day shopping. 

To clarify, when we talk gadgets, we aren’t just talking smart phones and gaming consoles. In fact, in a study we released (the Origin Energy Essentials Report- the gadget gifting guide),1 kitchen gadgets came up trumps as the gift for  women, with almost a quarter of those surveyed listing these as topping their wish list.

Kitchen gadgets came up trumps as the gift for women, with almost 25 percent of those surveyed listing these as topping their wish list.

So while many men say they wouldn’t go down the kitchen gadget path for fear of offending their loved ones, it’s worth listening carefully to your partners hints and if they say Thermomix or new coffee machine, then it might be worth investigating!

If a kitchen gadget isn’t your thing, one in four women had hair and beauty appliances, such as hair straighteners, blow dryers and shavers, on their wish lists; and the good news is, almost a quarter of men planned to buy them. But if your partner missed out, take a look in the bathroom and see what you might be able to replace in the name of love.

For the men, we found that 28 percent were after a gaming console, yet not as many women were prepared to buy them as gifts; “in our qualitative research I’ve heard women complain that gaming can distract their husbands from spending time with the family and doing their bit around the house, so women often prefer to give other gifts instead,” said Dr. Rebecca Huntley, Director of Ipsos Research Australia.

If you’re thinking a gaming console might not be the way to go, then home and entertainment devices were also a popular choice for men, with 29 percent of them wanting a new TV, sound system or blu-ray player.  

While there were some differences in the genders when it came to some items, there were some clear winners for the most wanted gifts; around a third of all people wanted new tablets, laptops, music players and smart phones.  


  1. The study surveyed 1,011 individuals from the Australian Adult Population ranging in age from 18-55+ years that are nationally representative in location, age and gender and take part in Christmas celebrations.

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