Using artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency at Adelaide Oval

Origin is working with one of Australia’s most iconic sporting venues, Adelaide Oval, to optimise its energy usage and drive down costs.

Adelaide Oval and Origin are conducting a trial to test how much the Oval could save by using software developed by UK-based start-up, Tempus Energy, which was part of the first Free Electrons intake in 2017. Free Electrons, co-founded by Origin, is an open innovation system that brings together 10 forward-thinking utilities and 15 leading start-ups to support the development of their ideas and find a pathway to get their products and services to market.

The Tempus technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to control and optimise when flexible onsite assets use energy, shifting non-time critical loads to cheaper periods or to when renewables are plentiful.

Origin’s South Australian Business Development Manager, Stephen Balales, introduced Adelaide Oval to the software.

“South Australia is at the leading edge of energy technology and the prevalence of renewable energy here makes it an ideal place to trial the Tempus technology,” Stephen said.

“The team at Adelaide Oval was keen to explore ways to better manage their onsite energy usage, so they were very open to participating in the trial.

“Origin installed the Tempus software in May and has connected it to air-conditioning chillers and air-handling units. Refrigeration units were connected later in the trial.”

“The initial results were extremely positive,” Stephen said.

The trial, which commenced in October 2017, found that significant savings were on offer for Adelaide Oval and the other South Australian commercial and industrial customers who took part. As well, it found that higher prices correlated with periods when carbon-intensive generators are working, and so avoiding these helped to also lower the carbon footprint of trial participants.

Following its initial success in South Australia, the trial will now be rolled out nationally. Commercial and industrial electricity users with flexible assets like chillers, heat pumps, grid scale batteries, solar systems and production machinery interested in participating in the trial should contact Origin’s Business Energy Solutions Team. The national roll-out will run until mid-2019.

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