Turn any room into a cinema from $20

We all know that lighting plays a massive role in creating atmosphere and mood in your home. Adding a projector could add an entirely new layer of ambience and energy to your living space.

If turning your home into a full-blown theatre tickles your fancy, we’ve got you covered. From the affordable to top of the range, we’ve curated a creme-de-la-creme list of projectors at every price point, for your viewing pleasure. So grab the popcorn, settle in and keep reading.

If you’re purchasing a home projector for the very first time, you’ll want to do a couple things.

  1. Measure the exact distance you’ll need to get the picture size you want. It’s important to get this right.
  2. If you want to display a picture that’s bigger than 80 inches wide, you’ll want to find out what kind of lens it has. Some HD projectors will need about 2 meters of distance to display a picture that size.
  3. The bulbs inside projectors can get super hot and need to be cooled down with a fan, which means things can get a little noisy. You can find out how much noise your projector’s fan is expected to make by asking for the decibel (db) rating. 

Projectors you should check out – at every price point.

Kogan HD Projector

The kogan HD projector promises to create an epic home cinema for the very reasonable price of $279* (Dick Smith).

The unit projects HD 1080p images from 50 to 120 inches, has 3D capabilities and weighs just 3.3kg, making it easy to carry.

Sony MP-CL1A Mobile Projector  

The Sony MP-CL1A Mobile Projector lets you link to your favourite source through HDMI and MHL ports, as well as Bluetooth (making it completely mobile). It has up to 2 hours of battery life and delivers super clear HD quality projection. The grey coloured model will set you back $749* (JB Hi Fi)

Epson EH-TW5600 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

This projector is able to connect to pretty much any device and projects in high definition 1080p, so you can play full HD movies, up to 300 inches on almost any wall or screen. This particular unit combines brightness and True Colour to create beautifully vibrant and super clear images. It retails for $1149* (Epson.com)


Love the idea of projecting your fav movie but can’t justify the spend? The FM retro phone projector lets you project movies and pics in black and white from your phone for $19.95* (JB HiFi). It’s pre-assembled, has an adjustable focus, 8 x magnification … and is a lot of fun.

*All prices correct at time of publication

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