Tracking Your Energy Use

Want to find out which appliances are guzzling the most energy, see how your usage compares to other households and get an estimate of your next bill? We’ve got you covered with our energy tracking tools. 

My Account

Log in to My Account for a quick and easy way to track your usage. Here you’ll be able to view your overall energy use, breakdown usage by appliance type and set alerts to keep you on track. Getting started only takes a few minutes and even less details, all you’ll need is your account number and email address.

Tip: You can choose to view your usage in either dollar ($) terms or the amount of energy used (KwH) by using the drop down option.

How soon does usage data appear in My Account?

  • If you have a digital meter – data takes about 2 days to get from your meter and appear in My Account.
  • If you have a basic meter – we rely on local distributors to capture usage data, so it can take up to 3 months for this to appear in My Account.               

Getting to know your bill

We’ve put all the important info on the first page of your bill – including your usage summary. This handy little graph gives you a quick snapshot of your usage compared to the same period last year, your average cost per day and how your usage compares to other households of a  similar size. While you’re there, you can also see the greenhouse gas emissions for the energy you’ve used and see how much you’ve reduced emissions if you have a GreenPower product.  

Origin app

The easiest way to track your usage is to carry it around in your pocket! You can download our app from the App Store and log in using your My Account details. Origin’s mobile app lets you take control of your energy account and understand your household’s usage. And if you’ve got a smart meter, you can also see an estimate of your next bill. Too easy!

Origin app for Android and iOS

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