Tips to help you beat your SpikeHours this winter

Winter is well and truly here. And while it’s frosty outside, there are some great ways to use less energy and earn rewards with our energy-saving rewards program, Spike. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you snug up and rug up while getting rewarded in the process.

Wait, what’s Spike?

Spike’s our energy-saving rewards program. With Spike, you get points for hitting your energy-saving goals (forecasts) during peak times (SpikeHours). You can then redeem your SpikePoints for PayPal cash and gift cards – which you could spend on a fresh pair of fluffy slippers. Or maybe a ridiculously soft, hand-knitted throw. Whatever’s on your wish list, you’ll be saving money on your energy bills and treating yourself to enticing goodies this winter.

Jump up, jump around

A fun track has the power to get your hips moving. Or some other general aerobic-like move to get your body temperature rising. This winter curate a heat-inducing Spotify playlist, or give ours a listen, to warm you up on the coldest days of the year. That way, you’ll ward off the pesky cold, bust a sick move, and be one moonwalk closer to beating your forecast.

Grab a (hot) dog

Dogs, they’re essentially hot water bottles. Especially during cold, winter moments. Why? These hairy hug monsters are natural heaters. Whilst they provide endless hours of affection, they’re also excellent givers of warmth. So, grab a hot pug, some hot Uggs, and get snug on the couch. Who needs to crank up the heater when you can pet the one you have? Wait, what’s that you say? Don’t have a dog? You could always knit one. A Pomeranian with pompoms…

Get knit-fit

With winter truly here, it’s time to get knitting. And there’s one person who can teach you, Nan – nobody knits like nans do. Or do they? This is your chance to take up the knitting needles, and embrace a challenge. Whilst you might have to sit through unsolicited life advice, or old-timey stories, or outdated political views – it’s well worth it. Can’t hit up your Nan? Hit up this link for a beginner’s tutorial. Beanie, scarf, jumper, blanket, they’re all possible with a couple of knitting needles and some balls of yarn. So, this SpikeHour, why not knit yourself, or your loved ones, something fuzzy?

Love a good yarn?

Rugging up is one of the most enjoyable feelings of winter. It’s a real #mood to whip out a warm scarf, or a woolly beanie, and get cosy. Australian-owned clothing companies specialising in snuggly winter products, like Humphrey Law, are adopting more sustainable business practices. Some have installed solar panels that completely power their factory, and provide energy for all their dyeing machines. Which means solar scarves to cover your neck. And solar socks to cover your toes.

Dress like an onion

How many layers are too many layers? Layering can be a real fashion flex, and a great way to save energy. Currently, a twelve-year-old boy in America knows this better than anyone. Why? He holds the Guinness World Record for “most jumpers worn at once”. Perhaps this SpikeHour, you can surpass his feat and beat him? 30 layers, seems doable (and totally reasonable), and an easy way to warm up without your heater. If you think you can get higher on the layer ladder, and like saving money (although you might need to hop down to the op shop to grab a bundle of jumpers) then this energy-saving tactic could be for you.

One rug to rule them all

In the words of Jeff Lebowski, a great rug has the power to “tie a room together”. But, more importantly, rugs are an excellent, energy-efficient way to keep a room warm by insulating it. But take note: there are a few essential things to look for when purchasing the right rug. Firstly, make sure the material is conducive to cocooning and containing the heat. A rug woven from wool is a superlative choice for sufficient insulation. Secondly, as with any insulation, the thicker the rug, the better. Like a hairy dad at the local pool.

Last but not least; size matters. The larger your rug, the larger the surface area. The larger the surface area, the better it will insulate. Although, if you don’t have a massive magical carpet rug, fear not. You could always arrange a collection of smaller rugs to combine forces, and create the ultimate snug rug.

Shack up like Shackleton

An outrageous ensemble shouldn’t be solely reserved for themed birthday parties. Go through your wardrobe, have a dig in your clothes drawers, and host an arctic exhibition at home. Don your thickest jumper, parkas and skiing clothes, and imagine yourself as a pioneering, Arctic explorer, like Ernest Shackleton, traversing through piles of glacial pillows. Think fur coats, scarves, beanies – anything to stay warm and keep the heater off to earn those bountiful Spike points. Aye, aye captain. 

Get cosy by candlelight

Candles. Often found in Christmas stockings or at country fairs. They smell great, calm the mood, and illuminate spaces. But they also conserve energy. In a way that’s straight out of the Casanova-book-of-romance. Instead of flicking on the light switch, strike a match. Light a candle. It’s an instant mood enhancer, and an excellent way to increase the vibe, and decrease your energy bill. Oh, and spark some incense to take it up a notch.

Get energised to minimise

Remember those retro aerobic videos? The ones that would greet you at 7AM featuring fitness trainers wearing fluorescent spandex leotards and knee-high knitted leg warmers. Well, whilst some of that fashion can go, the indoor workouts (and leg warmers) can stay. Because regular exercise and maintaining your physical health is a sure way to get your body temperature rising. It can also lead to reduced anxiety, increased focus, and improved sleep. You could say, an overall boosted state of mind. Which is a win for you. And during peak energy hours it’s also good for your energy bill. Which is a win for the grid. Now, what a wonderful win-win this winter.

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