Three young inventors are off to NASA

Three young students are off to NASA in the USA after being named national winners in our littleBIGidea competition.

Amelia Fox, Bella Winfield and Jasmine Eldridge were awarded the most original, creative and practical ideas by a judging panel made up of Dr Jordan Nguyen – biomedical engineer, humanitarian, technology futurist, inventor and Origin littleBIGidea Ambassador, Alison Stoakley – Engineers Without Borders and Fiona MacDonald –’

The children have been judged as having the most inventive ideas in their respective age categories from over 1000 entries received nationally.

Grade 3 – 4: Amelia Fox, 8 years old, Brunswick North Primary School (VIC)

Amelia’sPortable Wheelchair Hoist” was inspired by watching her parents try and lift her brother out of his wheelchair after an operation. The fabric hoist located in the seat cushion of the wheelchair is designed to make it easier and safer to assist someone out of the chair.  

Grade 5 – 6: Bella Winfield, 11 years old, from St. Anthony’s Parish Primary School, Wanniassa (ACT)

Bella’s littleBIGidea is to use raw sugarcane pulp as a bioplastic to make toys. Her goal is to create more sustainable and recyclable toys and to reduce the emissions created in making polyethylene toys.

Grade 7 – 8: Jasmine Eldridge, 12 years old from Allora State School (QLD).

Jasmine’s award winning Dog of Technology’ (D.O.T) has been designed to help children like herself who have autism. D.O.T is a robot dog which helps remind kids to take medication and has a button to notify family with an email or text if they’re needed in an emergency.

“Our three national winners are outstanding examples of how young people can solve for some of the world’s biggest problems in creative and innovative ways,” says Dr Jordan Nguyen, Head Judge, Origin’s littleBIGidea.

“Between them, our three national winners have come up with clever, inventive ideas to help people with disabilities and address the issue of pollution and wastage. These winners and all our finalists are inspiring and show that the future of innovation in Australia is in good hands. I look forward to seeing the next exciting steps that each of these young inventors take from here.”

Origin’s littleBIGidea encourages children to think creatively about how to solve real world problems – and aims to foster problem solving skills, curiosity and adaptability.

Thousands of ideas have been submitted to Origin’s littleBIGidea since it first launched in 2013. Some previous winners have gone on to commercialise their ideas, while others have used the opportunities presented by the competition to further their study and career ambitions.

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