The ultimate Christmas presents guide for kids

It may be the final week before Father Christmas visits, but don’t stress if you find yourself rushing to the shops for some last-minute gift collection.

There’s a reason the shops are packed this time of year; many people have found themselves in the same position as you. Add to the pain of having to battle the Christmas crowds with children – and you’re in a bit of trouble.

But, helping Santa’s elves this Christmas doesn’t always have to mean buying the latest Disney-Pixar characters (along with their price tag). Creating a magical Christmas can be done from home to help you save time, save money and make lasting memories which will linger long after the Elsa phase has passed (no, we don’t want to build a snowman, thank you).

Sit back, relax and enjoy our list of stress-free, wallet-friendly and environmentally-conscious gifts for the babies, toddlers and kindy kids in your life.

1. For the babies: hide and re-gift

Now, we get this may sound a little odd at first, but hear us out. Babies are often showered with a million gifts from family and friends, sometimes for no particular reason. It doesn’t take long before they have too many toys to know where to start when it comes to play time. So, take note of the ones they’ve forgotten about and slip it away in a safe spot. Come Christmas, wrap it and watch as their joy is re-ignited! After all, we all know babies just love the wrapping paper – so this way you save money while not adding to the world’s waste. You could even put the money you saved from the present into donating a gift for an underprivileged family. 

2. For the toddlers: give the gift of creation

When it comes to toddlers, there’s no doubt you’ll have a few pieces on Santa’s list. So, to add a little magic to your Christmas morning (and create a memory that will last forever) grab some crafts from your local craft store and spend some time with your little one creating baubles for your tree. Another great activity is creating paintings for loved ones! It’s cost-effective, encourages your child’s creativity and creates an opportunity for you to spend some quality time to create together. If you’re buying for other children, create a craft box and package it for them to pull out on a rainy day. An added win-win for everyone – you can use the terrible artwork to embarrass the child on their 18th.

3. For the older children: give a gift that keeps on giving

While we’re sure your older child will have a few packages under the Christmas tree this year, it’s a really important time to acknowledge and support the families who may be doing it a little tough. Companies such as Oxfam offer online gift purchases which start from as little as $10 and can help an entire village. Why not offer your little world-changer a small budget and help them to decide how they would like to help the less fortunate this Christmas. It’s a gift and a lesson which could plant some important seeds in a young mind.

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