Supporting safety across Australia

Origin’s National Response Centre (NRC) has been providing a wide range of emergency, health and safety response services to energy businesses across Australia for 48 years. Originally established by the Gas and Fuel Corporation of Victoria in 1972, Origin (formerly Boral) acquired the NRC in 1999 and began offering services to other energy industry participants.

The NRC was first created to manage inbound emergency calls and outbound dispatch activities for gas and fuel. Today, the NRC handles thousands of calls ranging from emergency and safety monitoring to dispatching of service teams. The NRC is also the first point of contact for many national emergency calls.

The NRC provides monitoring services to ensure the welfare and safety of employees undertaking high risk activities including driving long distances and lone work. Employees log these activities using our monitoring app, TraXu, allowing the NRC to actively track check-ins, closures and escalate where necessary.

Shane Rayner, head of NRC, said, “We are entrusted with the safety of people performing high risk tasks and we understand how important that is. I am really proud of the way we can adapt to changing circumstances, such as the bushfires and, more recently, COVID-19.”

The NRC was an important part of Origin’s bushfire response – providing fire and weather warnings and journey management monitoring so teams across the east coast could travel safely. During COVID-19, we have been offering welfare checks through TraXu to ensure the safety and wellbeing of employees.

Another key NRC monitoring service is our In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) used to track the safety of drivers and passengers in vehicles. IVMS records journey information and is notified of critical events such as vehicle roll-overs, helping provide vital safety information and required rapid response.

Reflecting on the role of the NRC, Shane said, “One of the most effective ways to help improve safety is to monitor activities, learn from incidents and change behaviours. Our safety monitoring service is a real-time solution to help staff modify behaviours and improve safety outcomes.”

“The NRC has grown a lot over the last 48 years and it’s great to see the breadth of support we now provide throughout Australia, making sure everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.”

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