Spring cleaning tips to reduce energy usage

With the weather getting warmer and the light lingering longer, Spring’s the perfect time to spruce things up around the house and give everything a good clean. These simple cleaning tips won’t just freshen up your abode, they’ll also help to reduce your energy usage.

A good spring clean could help freshen up your energy usage.

1. Keep it cool

Before the heat kicks in, make time to have your air-con serviced and give your filters a good clean. Not only will this ensure dust and particles aren’t being recycled within your house, it also means your air-con will work more efficiently – and if there are any issues with your coils or the unit itself, you’ve got plenty of time to arrange repairs before those balmy nights make an appearance.

Handy tip: Does your system have a ‘dry out’ setting? If it does run this each time you use it. This function evaporates the moisture that’s condensed on the heat exchanger, which will help prevent foul odours and mould.

2. Ditch the old leftovers

Cleaning the fridge can be a dreaded task. Odd smelling leftovers, mysterious milk spills and what on earth is in that brown jar? Ditching the trash and scrubbing the shelves won’t only up the aesthetic appeal of your fridge, it also gives you a chance to check that everything’s working as it should be.

Check the temperature setting inside your fridge, the ideal temperature is between 4-5 degrees Celsius. On the outside, make sure the coils at the back of the fridge are clean and dust free, and that the condenser is at least 5 cm from the wall – this will ensure your fridge doesn’t overheat.

Handy tip: If your fridge is looking a bit bare after all that cleaning, why not fill up some water bottles? A full fridge typically uses less energy than an empty one and as a bonus you’ll be super hydrated when the warm weather sneaks up! 

3. Thaw it out

Most modern freezers are now frost-free but if you’ve got an older model and there are icicles greeting you when you open the door, it’s time to give it some TLC. If your freezer’s got an Antarctic layer of ice – it’s working way too hard to cool down your frozen veg and cheeky tub of ice-cream. Always make sure you turn your freezer off at the wall before defrosting and pop all your groceries in an esky or spare freezer/fridge.

Once your freezer’s sparkling clean, make sure you’ve got the temperature set to -15 degrees Celsius – every degree colder uses 5% more energy.

Handy tip: Want to hit fast forward? To speed things up, pop a couple of trays of hot water in the freezer and shut the door.

4. Seal in the cool

Sliding glass doors are perfect for soaking in all that extra afternoon light, but how long has it been since you’ve given the tracks a good clean? If your sliding doors have grit and dust in the runners, it could be damaging the seals, which means cool air could be escaping. Give them a good vacuum and wipe out to make sure your seals stay in good nick and your AC isn’t working overtime to cool down your living space.

Handy tip: Vacuumed the tracks but still have dirt and grime that won’t budge? Try sprinkling a little bi-carb soda in the tracks, along with a drizzle of vinegar. This will help lift the grime so you can simply wipe it out with a cloth. A toothbrush is also handy for any extra stubborn spots!  

5. Turn down the heat

To fight the chill in winter we often have super hot showers to warm ourselves up, but the increased temperature can mean added costs when it comes to heating the water and with summer on the way, you’ll likely be wanting to cool off. It’s a good idea to check the thermostat on your water heater and make sure it’s set to the most energy efficient temperature. If you have a hot water tank it doesn’t need to be any higher than just over 60 degrees Celsius. Continuous flow hot water systems should be set no higher than 50 degrees Celsius – anything over is simply wasting energy.

Handy tip: Going away for a while? Turn off your hot water heater to save it from heating up whilst you’re not home. Just remember, if you have a hot water tank, you’ll need to let it heat back up at 60 degrees for at least 35 minutes when you get home to make sure any harmful bacteria are killed

6. Take advantage of the sunshine

Got solar panels? It’s a great idea to have your panels checked and cleaned once a year by a professional. Not only will they check the condition of your panels, they’ll make sure they’re squeaky clean so you can really reap the rewards of all that summer sunshine!

Handy tip: Don’t need a service but want a clean (or vice versa)? We’ve got a range of different packages to choose from.

7. Freshen up your energy plan

Now that your house is feeling fresh, it’s time to make sure you’re on the ‘freshest’ energy plan. Plan’s can change from time to time, so it’s a good idea to check in every once in a while and make sure you’re on the right one for your household. Best of all? It only takes a few minutes to compare our offers.

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