Sustainable buildings of the future: Our top picks

From Tesla solar roof tiles to the world’s first solar-powered highway, there’s no doubt that the future is looking towards solar technology for sustainable solutions. We shine a light on solar projects changing the way we live.

Written by Justine Summers

One of the largest drivers of the popularity of solar is the growing interest in sustainable behaviours and combatting climate change. Plus, solar energy is becoming more accessible and more cost-effective. Installing a solar system today costs approximately 40% less than five years ago.1 With these factors taken into consideration, it’s no wonder the adoption of solar energy is on the rise.

Calling out our Solar Super Heroes

Businesses and architectural design champions around the world are stepping up their game and implementing innovative solar solutions. Solar installations are no longer just limited to your roof. The real game changers are those that have gone beyond linear thinking and used mass surfaces to increase generation power.

Check out these solar installations that have gone above and beyond to create a sustainable future.

1. The Copenhagen International School for Nordhavn

Schools consume an enormous amount of energy, from heating and cooling, to powering screens and devices used for teaching and learning. Reducing the yearly energy consumption of schools around the world, even by a fraction, would provide massive energy and financial savings.

One school in Denmark is at the forefront of innovation, with solar panels covering 6,048 square meters of the building. Their use of solar panels is exceptional and creates a stunning impact on the building. They are also one of the largest building-integrated solar power plants in Denmark. The solar panels provide half of the electricity required to power the building!

The Copenhagen International School for Nordhavn. Image via Dezeen.

2. La Seine Musicale

The music and performing arts center in Paris comprises a large multipurpose venue, an egg-shaped auditorium, rehearsal rooms and a rooftop garden.

In a city of cultural richness, creativity, and expression, it makes sense that the center displays innovation in every aspect of its design. This includes its forward-thinking solutions to sustainability. Energy is provided to the center by a large wall of solar panels. The solar panels are mounted on rails and are designed to follow the path of the sun. This movement provides maximum efficiency to harness the sun’s energy.

La Seine Musicale. Image via Wallpaper*.

3. Kings Own- Solar used as art

Origin helped The King’s Own motel in NSW install solar through a creative rooftop installation that not only optimised its flat roof design but also used the panels for branding. This shows innovative installations aren’t just reserved for the large companies or institutions of our world – getting creative with solar panels is easier than you think.

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About the author

Justine works in our Origin Business Solar department, and has a background in Marketing and PR. Justine is an fan of sustainable, minimalist lifestyles & is a self-proclaimed vegetarian recipe master – trying her hardest to convince the masses that meat free meals are still delicious.



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