Solar energy and your business

Is your business ready to make the switch to solar? Solar is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Australian businesses, with improvements in technology, availability, and affordability – it’s now a realistic option for small and large businesses alike.

The Australian solar energy sector is growing at a rapid pace, thanks to some of the best solar irradiation in the world, combined with a committed Federal policy to support sustainable energy. So now is a great time to invest in a solar energy solution, whatever sector your business is in.

Boost your bottom line

We’re all looking to be smarter, more efficient, and spend our time on items that benefit our business. That’s why adopting solar is a smart financial choice for many Australian businesses. Solar power produces electricity during daylight hours, which is typically when businesses use the most electricity and pay the highest rates. With the development of alternate payment options, businesses also have the flexibility to go solar without investing in a solar power system, in an approach also known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

With a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a solar power system is tailored to the needs of your business, and rather than purchasing the solar system outright, businesses purchase the electricity the system produces. Origin’s PPA, called Solar Flex, offers customers various term agreements between 5–15 years, where Origin will install, monitor, and maintain the system throughout the agreement. Businesses will start to see the benefits with a reduction in energy costs as soon as the system is installed, thanks to harnessing the power of the sun.

Invest in your property

Aside from saving on energy, buying a solar system for your building is a great investment into the property’s worth. Solar panels are durable, safe, and easy to install, which means you’ll rarely have to worry about repairs, but you still get to reap the rewards. If you ever plan to move on from the property, then Origin has you covered through a simple sales transfer of ownership.

Reduce your environmental footprint

For ethical reasons alone, it’s an admirable choice to switch your business to solar energy. Switching to solar is an environmentally sustainable investment, as it can significantly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by your business. Making the decision to invest in solar energy is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, whilst also saving money in the long-term.

Your customers

Adopting solar energy to your business may also grow your business profile in both your community and your industry. These days, sustainability and corporate responsibility can be part of a company’s public persona. Making the switch to solar can be a visual way of exhibiting your commitment to the environment and may encourage likeminded customers and suppliers to work with you. It’s another opportunity to win over prospective customers, and it provides an opportunity to create a real link with your customers and suppliers.

As the sun sets on another day, more and more Australian businesses are learning that solar energy is the future of energy. Recent developments in solar technology, combined with the increased availability of solar panels, means that installing a solar solution for your business has never been easier, or more affordable.

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