5 winter energy saving tips

As we continue social distancing and spending more time in our homes, we might find we’re using more energy too. There are many ways we can reduce our home energy use, that are simple and easy to do, and go beyond wearing wooly jumpers.

Here are some energy efficiency tips you can use around the house to stay warm during the cooler months, without spiking your energy bill.

Understand your energy use

Before we get into the tips, it’s worth getting a better understanding of where the average Australian home uses the most energy. Here’s a snapshot:

  • Heating and cooling: 40%
  • Appliances  and equipment, including refrigeration and cooking: 33%
  • Water heating: 21%
  • Lighting: 6%

Find the right energy plan for you

Winter energy saving tips

Now that you know the average Australian home uses about 40% of their energy on heating and cooling, you can put a plan in place to save this winter. Even small changes to the way you heat your home can lead to some helpful savings, so here are five handy tips:

Whatever the season, the best way to save on your energy bills is to be mindful of the ways you use energy and to make sure you’re on the right gas and electricity plan for your needs.

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