Small space, big living

With the cost of housing continuing to rise in Australia, apartment living is becoming increasingly popular – McCrindle predicts that by 2024 detached houses will be the minority in Sydney. One in five apartments in Sydney are now occupied by couples with children, and moving your family into a space with a smaller footprint can be challenging – so no matter the square meterage, follow these tips to making your space as efficient as possible.

Written by Scotty Thornton

Think Vertical

Finding extra storage can be a challenge when you’ve got limitted space. Get creative and think about additional storage above cabinets, doors or closets – take advange of wasted space by adding wall hooks, shelfs or baskets. High storage spaces are gems when it comes to tucking away rarely used household essentials, so if you’re remodellling ceiling height shelfs or cabinets are always the best choice. If you’re not planning on making major changes to your current home, you can checkout IKEA’s affordable range of storage solutions.

Keep it Minimal

Nothing makes a small space seem even smaller (and more claustrophobic!) than having everything on display. This is honestly the best tip for maximizing space in your home, ‘Do I really need this?’ should be your mantra when decluttering your space. Think outside the box when it comes to keeping things streamline – I’ve found that furniture with built-in or hidden storage is a great investment. This hidden storage coffee table and gas lift bed are great options to consider if you want to keep your junk out of sight, but not compromise on style.

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Multi-purpose rooms

Making one space work for several functions can instantly increase how big your home looks and feels. Have a think about what tasks you need to complete and how they could be incorporated into your existing rooms. I’ve successfully created dual purpose rooms by adding study nooks to living rooms and reading zones in the corner of a bedroom – make sure that the addition compliments the existing room and doesn’t steal focus. If you’re wanting to incorporate a study space into your living room, the Besta Burs desk is a great option – it recedes into white walls to create the illusion of space and the narrow frame will keep it from encroaching too much into the living space.

Go Light

You’ve heard this one before, right!? Go for lighter coloured flooring and walls to make the room feel airy and open. While darker colours make a room seem nice and cozy, they absorb light rather than reflecting it, making the space feel smaller than it actually is. If you’re confused by all the white paint options, Whisper White by Dulux is a great option, it’s a warm white that works beautifully with all kinds of colour schemes.

Customise it 

Clever storage hacks and the right furniture choice can make a huge difference in a small space, but sometimes you need to take more permanent measures. By adding custom cabinets and shelving, you can really maximize the space by making storage solutions that are the perfect fit for your room. While investing in custom cabinetry can be expensive upfront, it could pay off in the long run – David Airey, President of REIWA explains that homes with plenty of storage space are likely to be more valued. 

About the author

Scotty is Origin’s Brand Content Lead, having worked in social media for many large Australian companies. Outside of work, Scotty is passionate about interior design and sustainable living, on the weekend you can find him (and his dog Lulu) grabbing some smashed avo at a local café.

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