Introducing Origin Spike

Origin Spike is the new rewards program that offers Origin customers a way to get paid for saving energy – and help reduce the load on the electricity grid in the process.  

So far, over 13,000 Origin customers are Spike community members – and collectively they’ve earned over one million points to date.  

Spike community members are rewarded with PayPal cash or gift cards for reducing their energy use during peak periods and meeting their energy-saving goals.  

Get paid for saving energy 

Origin customers who sign up for Spike are invited by email or SMS to participate in regular energy-saving challenges called SpikeHours.  

A SpikeHour is a brief window of time when demand on the energy grid is high. During a SpikeHour, Spike community members are challenged to reduce their energy use with small behaviour changes like turning off lights and adjusting heating or cooling thermostats. Postponing the use of washing machines, dryers, ovens and other energy-hungry appliances can help, too.  

When community members meet their energy-saving goals1, they’re rewarded with points that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards.2 Community members who regularly reduce their energy use by 60 percent during SpikeHours could earn around $250 per year in rewards.3

Community members can even connect smart devices, like smart plugs and AC controllers, to Spike to help them automate their energy-saving and earn more points.  

The first program of its kind in the Australian energy market  

Origin partnered with innovative US startup OhmConnect – the team behind popular mobile apps Words with Friends and Farmville – to launch Origin Spike in Australia.  

 “Origin Spike is the first program of its kind in the Australian energy market,” said Jon Briskin, Origin Energy’s Executive General Manager, Retail. “It’s a simple and fun way for customers to get some extra cash in their pocket as a reward for making small changes to their energy use.  

“While customers will be rewarded for shifting their energy use, the broader network will also benefit as we can help reduce demand, and support grid stability during peak periods.”  

Since it started back in 2014, OhmConnect has grown to more than 675,000 users across the US and Canada. It has paid more than US$12 million in rewards for a reduction of over 5.2 gigawatt hours in electricity demand.

1  Energy-saving goals are based on average energy use over the previous 10 days.

2 Rewards vary depending on points earned during SpikeHours. SpikeHours are based on forecast energy use, actual energy saved, Spike status and streak position, and wholesale energy market prices. 

3 Spike customers who reduce their energy use by an average of 60 percent compared to their baseline energy forecast of 1.2KwH or higher, and do so for more than 20 consecutive Spike Hours, can earn $250 or more per year in rewards. 

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