Saurav Paul, delivering great customer experience

This year, we shared the stories of some of our most passionate people in our Sustainability Report and Shareholder Review, and asked what ‘good energy’ meant to them.

Before Saurav Paul joined the Origin resolutions team as a consultant in the customer contact centre, he already knew Origin as a customer.

We helped him set up his first electricity account after migrating to Australia and moving into his new family home.

“I had a chance to speak with Origin’s representatives a few times and was incredibly impressed with their sense of responsibility and their desire to deliver the very best customer experience,” said Saurav. “It made me want to work with Origin.”

Saurav believes good energy creates happy customers. “My role is all about communicating with customers. My daily job is to answer customers’ queries and assist them, whether it is understanding their bills, or moving home and setting up an electricity account. I always make a point of leaving a customer with an answer to their question, so they feel connected and satisfied with the service Origin is providing.

“I always put myself in the customer’s shoes and think how I would want to be treated. They are at the very heart of everything I do.”

Saurav said he loves everything about his job, especially talking to customers and working with a great team of people. “We are all individuals and yet we all work as one team, with one common goal: to keep our customers happy. I’m often told that I’m very positive. If I can spread a little of that good energy around, it helps to make people feel good.

“I’m passionate about helping people. It’s the stuff that gets me out of bed every day and gets me coming to work. It’s the force that brings people together,” said Saurav.

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