Reimagining the future of energy

Origin’s Group Manager, Future Energy, Brendan Manzie, leads a team focussed on providing customers with smarter and easier ways to manage their energy use, save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

“We’re reimagining the future of energy for customers, exploring new products, new ideas and better ways of doing things,” explains Brendan. “It’s all about creating smarter ways for customers to take control of energy in their home.”

One recent trial with smart technology, Sensibo Sky, has been providing customers with the ability to monitor and control their air conditioner remotely through their mobile phone.

During times of peak electricity demand, trial participants were asked if they were okay for Origin to remotely adjust their air conditioner’s temperature by two degrees for two hours in return for a credit on their account.

“On a hot day when lots of air conditioners are running, the energy grid is put under pressure which can impact network reliability. This trial is testing how we can reduce pressure on the grid, and help customers use their air conditioners more efficiently, bringing down their energy bills at the same time.”

Almost three quarters of people who participated in the trial believe that Sensibo Sky has helped them save energy in their home.

This trial is just one-way Origin is helping customers to take control, use energy smarter and bring their bills down. 

In June 2020, Origin announced a partnership with US energy tech start-up OhmConnect to launch an easy and fun demand response platform for our Australian customers.

OhmConnect already has more than 500,000 customers across the US and Canada who participate in regular, energy saving events. Customers are given an energy reduction target and are rewarded with prizes or cash. 

“The way we use energy in the home is rapidly changing thanks to technology such as smart devices, rooftop solar and batteries. And as this continues to grow, we are focussed on connecting customers to these new technologies and solutions to improve their experience, give them greater choice and more control.”

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