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This October, more Aussies will be able to enjoy the benefits of fixed price energy as we extend our Predictable Plan offer to everyone, not just Origin Customers. This means that people with other electricity and natural gas retailers will be able to get their own personalised Predictable Plan by providing a copy of a recent bill (with 85+ days billed usage in kWh/MH or 55+ days billed usage for natural gas in Victoria in MJ) and answering a few questions about how they use energy in their home.

So what is it? Predictable plan allows Australians to pay the same amount for energy for 12 months, no matter how much they use. This is the first energy plan of its kind in Australia and addresses the concerns of customers who find it difficult to budget without knowing what their electricity or natural gas bill is going to be.

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Up until now, Predictable Plan has only been available to Origin customers. Over 10,000 enthusiastic Origin customers have already signed up, showing just how much people are loving this new way to pay for their bills.

This option has proved to be popular with many people who want to manage their bills better. Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about Predictable Plan.

Mary Ann Bruce from Ascot, Queensland signed up to Predictable Plan because she was tired of not being able to predict her energy bill.

“Not knowing what my energy bill was going to be from one month to another has always been frustrating and made it difficult to budget. But now with Predictable Plan, I know what it is costing me every month no matter how much energy I use and I can just get on with things without having to worry about what my next bill will be.”

People love the certainty and consistency of Predictable Plan. Celest Powell from Carina, Queensland says “I like that it’s always the same amount of money every time we make a payment.”

Predictable Plan is also giving people peace of mind, like Sandi Austin from Hawthorn, Victoria.

“I did think it was too good to be true, and I had to just ring them and quiz them and go – what’s the loop hole? There must be a loop hole! But there isn’t one. I’m going to have peace of mind all winter and I’m not going to get one of those $800 bills. I know exactly what I’m getting and I’ve planned for it.”

Kristy Lewis from Kogarah, New South Wales signed up to Predictable Plan and is no longer stressed in anticipation for her energy bills.

“Before, as soon as I saw my bill I would feel scared. Now I don’t care.”

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