Power outage: don’t get stuck in the dark

If the power goes out, most people have a flash of panic, before scrambling for that torch they had hidden somewhere under the kitchen sink, while trying to remember if they paid their last energy bill.

There’s no question that power outages are inconvenient. However, whether they’re caused by a storm or maintenance being undertaken by your local distributor, sometimes they’re unavoidable, and usually not cause for alarm.

Here are some handy tips to help you prepare for the unexpected, and get your lights back on as soon as possible.

VIDEO: Don’t get stuck in the dark. Three things to do in case of a power outage.

1. Always have a torch handy

Maybe some spare batteries too. There’s nothing like adding to the panic, by scrambling around in the dark. Think of somewhere obvious and easily accessible, such as a linen closet or in the laundry, so you’ll know where to go if the lights are out.

2. Who is your distributor?

Your local distributor is the one that manages the poles and wires, so is responsible for getting the power back on if there’s been an outage. You can find out who your distributor is by checking out the top of your bill, or jump to our handy distributor locater page to find out.

While Origin manages your energy account, it’s your distributor who gets electricity and gas flowing to your door.

3. Is it scheduled?

Check your letter box to see if you’ve received any notices from your local distributor advising of an outage. Sometimes they’re doing planned maintenance and this may be the cause. If so, there should be updates available on their website (which you will be able to access from your mobile device).   

3. Check out the neighbours

Are their lights on? If not, then it’s likely to be a more  wide spread issue. Check your local distributor’s website or social media pages for updates on when it’s likely to be restored.

4. Safety first

If the neighbours still have power, and you suspect it may be just your house, take a look at your safety switch. Could something have triggered it to activate? If so, can you safely switch it back? Remember, safety first, so if you’re not sure, call an electrician for professional help.

5. Main source

It may sound obvious, but have you checked your mains switch? There is a variety of reasons it may have been switched off, so it pays to quickly check. If it is off, you should be able to flick it back on and problem solved!

6. Contact us.

If all else fails and you’ve been through all the above, give us a call on 13 24 61. We’ll take a look at your account and make sure it’s up to date.

7. Leave a light on.

Finally, it’s a good idea to leave a light on so you’ll know when the power comes back on.

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