The People of Origin – powered by good energy

At Origin, we’re providing good energy in more ways than one. It’s our people that are working hard to support our customers and communities across Australia every day.

Every day, our people are contributing to causes close to their hearts. Whether it’s tutoring maths students across the country, delivering food to those in need, jumping on a bike to raise funds for cancer research or by opening up conversations about the LGBTQIA+ community and diversity at work, together they’ve contributed 6,000 volunteer hours (FY20′), and donate around $400,000 to charity each year, which is matched through our Origin Energy Foundation.  

Meet our people

Sunny Dang

Like his name, Sunny radiates good vibes and a positive outlook on life. It’s his desire to help others that inspired him to begin tutoring maths to students in his local area. He believes that everyone should get the chance to succeed.  

Learn how volunteering helps Sunny deliver more for his customers.

Fran Frost

Working at Eraring PowerStation in the NSW’s Lake Macquarie region inspired Fran to connect beyond her work environment and get more involved in local community. As a result, she’s been volunteering her time to deliver food to people in need. She loves the opportunity to start her day with a chat, a check in and a feeling of purpose. Volunteering through the Origin Energy Foundation has provided a way for Fran to stay connected outside of work. Learn more about her story.  

Tom Gay

Tom has always gravitated to helping those in need. He recently rode 200km to raise funds for kids’ cancer research. With a background in international aid and development and a passion for connecting with customers, learn why Tom volunteers and how it motivates him to give his best.  

Topher Foote

Topher has a secret weapon, he’s able to make anyone smile. That, and he’s determination to spark conversations that count. That’s why he’s been coordinating LGBTQIA+ events to raise awareness and help support community members in and outside of Origin. Learn more about the work Topher does Pride@Origin and what makes him tick.

Maxine Thomas

Outside of the day to day routine, people like Maxine are doing that little bit extra to help improve their local area. Maxine uses her previous teaching experience to volunteer her time and skills at her local Kindy. Check out how Maxine is giving back to regional community.  

Mary Dullard

When the Narooma region was impacted by bushfires Mary organised Origin teams to assemble SolarBuddy portable solar powered lights, getting light to power effected communities. Mary wants to make a difference, and she knows with the support of Origin she can. Check out how she is helping her local community. 

Mark Bernhardt

If you asked Mark when he left school in year 10 what he’d be doing, he’d be the first to say, “I’m as surprised as you are that I’m here using my skills to help students”. But that’s what he does as part of a community partnership between Beacon Foundation’s MyRoad program and our Origin Energy Foundation that helped him to connect with students in some of Australia’s most remote communities. Learn how volunteering helps Mark keep customers happy and Origin people safe. 

It’s the people of Origin that help support our communities and customers. We’ve done this through our work in diversity and inclusion, having been recognised as an employer of choice for gender equality and by creating our Pride@Origin committee. It is the collective good of our people as well as the work of the Origin Energy Foundation that helps us to continue to do better.  

In the past 10 years, Origin Energy Foundation and it’s partners has helped more than 62,000 young Australians achieve in education. Around half of our employees participate in our matched giving program, and our people have volunteered 6,000 hours to the community this year (FY20′).  

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