Origin’s future in solar energy just got even bigger

Renewable energy is a key part of Australia’s transition to a cleaner, greener energy future.

Our latest agreement with the Darling Downs Solar Farm will add another 110 MW of renewable energy to our generation portfolio when it is up and running in 2018.

Darling Downs Solar Farm is located 45 kilometres from Dalby in south-western Queensland, and will comprise more than 400,000 solar panels, enough to power up to 32,000 homes.

Alongside the wind farms we buy power from, we have contracts with many large scale solar farms already operating or under construction, including:

  • the 220 MW Bungala solar project near Port Augusta;
  • the 56 MW Moree solar farm in NSW;
  • the 100 MW Clare solar farm in Queensland;
  • the 10.8 MW Lakeland solar project in Queensland, which also incorporates 5.3 MWh of battery storage.

Here are a few more things we are doing as a business to meet the challenges of climate change.

Darling Downs Solar Farm and Origin Energy

How Origin Energy is leading the way to a cleaner energy future

As a leading energy company, Origin is keen to play our part in helping to reduce carbon emissions. We are committed to helping secure a cleaner energy supply because we want a cleaner future for all Australians.

We are one of Australia’s largest supporters of renewable energy and plan to add up to 1,500 MW of new large scale renewable generation by 2020. In the past 12 months, we have added more than 65 MW of solar to our portfolio – equivalent to installing solar panels on more than 400 Australian homes every day for an entire year.*

Here are more ways we are leading the transition in Australia’s energy supply.

1. We are one of the largest providers of green energy in Australia

We already have 195,000 green energy customer accounts, more than any energy company in Australia. This makes us the largest Australian provider of GreenPower and Green Gas. Green Energy is energy sourced from government accredited renewable power sources.

2. We mean business when it comes to climate change

Origin was the world’s first energy company to sign up to seven initiatives of the We Mean Business coalition on climate change. We Mean Business is a global coalition of more than 550 businesses and non-government organisations that are committed to decarbonising in line with the Paris Agreement to limit climate change impacts to 2 degrees Celsius, including Apple, Audi, The Coca-Cola Company and Commonwealth Bank. Read more about the initiative and what Origin has signed up to here.

3. We are solar experts

We have more than 410,000 customers with solar installed, around 27 per cent of the Australian market.

Origin directly sold and installed around 85,000 of these systems – making us the second largest installer of residential rooftop solar panels in Australia. 

4. We believe a balanced supply is important.

Origin owns and manages Australia’s largest fleet of peaking gas-fired power stations which help maintain a reliable and secure electricity grid, especially as we grow our intermittent renewable energy sources like solar and wind. Peaking power stations respond quickly to changes in customer demand or intermittent supply from renewable sources to ensure a stable supply of energy to homes and business that rely on it.

Recently we committed to supply gas to the Pelican Point power station to increase supply of electricity in South Australia. We have also committed to making more natural gas available for customers in both South Australia and Victoria.

We’ll keep doing what we can to grow the share of renewables in our energy supply, while making sure our responsibilities as one of Australia’s largest energy providers are met at all times.

* Based on an average residential power installation of 4.4kW.

Green Energy

Reduce your impact on the environment by offsetting greenhouse gas emissions

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