An easy way to take control of your energy bills

Here are a few things the app will help you with.

Stay smart

If you’re an electricity customer with a smart meter, you can see how much your next bill is likely to be and even receive an alert with a predicted cost for your bill halfway through your billing cycle.

Set alerts

The Origin Energy App will let you set alerts for when your bill is sent and when it’s due. 

Pay your bills

Another great feature of the Origin Energy App is that it allows you to make payments quickly and easily, keeping you on top of your bills.

Track your costs

You’ll be able to see how much electricity or natural gas you’ve used over the past 18 months, in summary format. This will let you compare your current costs and energy usage against past bills, quickly.

If you’ve got an iPhone, Just download the Origin Energy App, log in using your Origin My Account details and you’re ready to go!

The Origin Energy App is currently compatible with iPhone 5 or above, running iOS 9.0 or later. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can log in to My Account through your web browser and manage your account anywhere, any time.

Got any questions? Visit our FAQ’s page.

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