Low Solar Energy Rates For Businesses

Solar power for your business no longer needs to be a costly exercise. A solar product from Origin is allowing businesses to go solar without capital expenditure.

The product, called Solar Flex, has been created to allow businesses (both large and small) to benefit from solar power without having to pay out large upfront costs; a barrier for many when considering incorporating renewable energy.

It works by assessing a business’s electricity use, based on recent bills, and matching an appropriately sized solar system to its daytime electricity usage.

By tailoring each solar system package to match the specific needs of a business, Origin is able to provide a bespoke solar solution which will allow most businesses to save on costs from their first billing cycle. Origin will install the tailored system at no upfront cost1 and sell the electricity that the system produces at a low solar energy rate.

No maintenance responsibility

With no direct ownership of the system, a business is also free of maintenance and up-keep costs to the system, and Origin solar experts are responsible for ensuring the system remains in working order for the whole of the agreement.

The benefits of Solar Flex for businesses

If your business is eligible, you could benefit from the following:

– By locking in a low solar rate you’re provided greater certainty on costs
– No capital investment for the solar system1 means you can save from day one2
– Maintenance, management and monitoring costs covered
– Ability to demonstrate to staff and customers your commitment to the environment 

Which types of businesses can benefit?

Any business that owns its property, or has a long-term lease and has large roof space not blocked by too much shade could benefit from installing Solar Flex.

Some businesses already benefiting from the service include:

– Health and aged care providers
– Schools, universities and childcare facilities
– Government and Municipal buildings
– Commercial property developers 
– Retail businesses
– Industrial estates, factories and plants
– Warehouses and storage facilities
– Sporting complexes
– Agriculture and farming

Saving on overheads isn’t the only benefit, When you have an Origin solar system installed you’ll also be demonstrating a commitment to the environment and sustainable business practices. Origins Solar PV systems are designed and installed by Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited experts, so businesses can be sure that the whole process has minimal impact on the environment.

Case studies: See how businesses are benefiting from solar


1.You may incur other costs in order for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or roof repairs). 
2.Solar energy rate is subject to charge of CPI annually and change in law.

Solar Flex for your business

Origin has a range of solar solutions for businesses large and small. Find the right one for your business.

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