Origin Answers: How to tell a scam from a real Origin message

Michael and Vanessa are back to talk about how you can spot a scam from a real Origin message.


Hi Michael and Vanessa from Origin here!

Today we’re talking all things scam. We’ve all received them: Those emails or text messages that don’t seem quite right and they’re becoming more and more common. Here’s a few ways you can spot a scam email:

Keep an eye out for suspicious sender email addresses – at the moment all of our bills will be sent from an @originenergy.com.au email address.

We’ll also always include your account or customer number – which you can compare to a previous bill copy or via our My Account portal.

And if you think you have received a scam email – here’s what you can do:

Contact the team on 13 24 61 or here on Facebook to let us know.

Delete the email and don’t forward it to anyone else. Don’t click on any links, attachments or pictures and if you do; run an anti virus scan.

If you made a payment on the scam bill, best to contact your financial institution to let them know as well.

We’d also always recommend reporting any fraudulent email to scamwatch so they can warn others about this.

You can visit the scamwatch website or follow them on Twitter for regular updates and more information on how you can protect yourself from a scam.

Thank you – Bye.

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