Origin Answers – How to read your energy bill

Ever wondered who you’re talking to when contacting Origin on social media? Meet Michael, our customer service guru, who today explains how to read your Origin Energy bill.


Hi, Michael from Origin here! Let’s talk about how to read your bill.

On the first page of your bill we talk about the three simple things – what you need to pay, when you need to pay it by and how to make that payment.

On page two we look at a more in depth breakdown of your bills, including your meter readings, your charges and any discounts or rebates if they’re applicable.

On the final page, we have a 12 month breakdown of your usage, including your average daily usage – along with how to compare with other households of your size.

At the very bottom of that page we also include any bill messages, such as price changes or any other important messages.

For more information on how to read your bill, click here.

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