Origin answers: How to get the best energy deal

Our social media agent Vanessa gives you some tips on getting the best energy plan for you.


We get a lot of questions from customers asking how they can make sure they’re getting the best deal on their energy plan. 

Comparing deals can be tricky, some discounts look great on the surface, but when you get into the details they’re not always what they seem. So here’s two big insider tips.

Always start with the underlying electricity or natural gas charges. People sometimes look at the headline discount only. Often the discounted price you’ll pay is actually based on the underlying tariffs or rates, which are made up of both the cost you pay per unit of electricity or natural gas that you use, and a fixed charge for bringing the electricity or natural gas into your home. 

And understand what’s being discounted – when you see a great discount, look at whether the discount is off the usage charges, the supply charges, or both. Each of these charges make up a different proportion of a persons bill. 

Typically, a discount off a usage charges only will be a higher percentage than if there is a discount off both the usage and the supply charge. And the overall discount might work out to be different and the overall discount might work out to be different.

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