Origin Answers: Estimated natural gas meter reads

Michael and Vanessa talk about natural gas meter reads and what to do if you receive an estimated bill that differs from a self reading.


Hi, Michael and Vanessa from Origin

Today we’re talking about natural gas meter reads.

Often customers are faced with access issues where the distributor can’t get to your meter to take the reading. This could be due to something as simple as a locked gate or an over-enthusiastic puppy

We’re here in a solution. You can now provide us with your self reading that we can use to adjust your bill.

If you do receive an estimated bill and you take a self reading which is significantly higher or lower than the reading on your bill, you can give us a call on 132 461 or contact us on Facebook and we can assess and amend your bill if required.

We still require at least one actual meter reading to be taken by your distributor every 12 months, but being able to provide us with your self reading in the interim will help prevent future bill shock.


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