Origin Answers: How to manage your bills online

Viewing and paying your bills online is simple. Michael and Vanessa talk about the benefits of online self-service.


Hi Michael and Vanessa from Origin.

In this tech-savvy world it’s no surprise we’re switching to online services to manage our bills, mail and everyday accounts so here’s four reasons to love online self-service.

Our mobile phones are never far away and with Origin’s My Account, you’re only a few simple swipes away from instant account access.

You can view your personal details, make a payment, arrange a move, set up direct debit and much more online.

Save paper and the environment. Switching to e-billing is a great way to go a little bit greener and you can also check with your banks and mobile providers to see if you can switch their online services and ditch the paper all together.

If you’re like me and home admin isn’t one of your strong points, then switching to online might be for you. A simple search of your inbox will bring up any previous bill copies or you can log into My Account for any updated info.

Another great reason to switch to online services is to reduce clutter and mess. Having bills and letters lying around your house just creates unnecessary clutter.

Hope this is helpful. Thanks

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