NSW State Emergency Service (SES) partnership

Origin has been a proud supporter of the NSW SES since December 2014 and through our partnership we aim to help the NSW SES reward, recognise and recruit volunteers – the lifeblood of the organisation. 

We all know the importance of State Emergency Services (SES) volunteers, particularly when disaster strikes. NSW SES volunteers attend thousands of storm and flood-related jobs each year to help everyday Aussie’s. The team responded to road crashes and assist the NSW Rural Fire Service with bushfire support tasks. They’re a crucial part of our comnmunities.

Last year in NSW, thousands of volunteers from all ages, professions and backgrounds served in both operational and administrative roles, supporting over two hundred units located throughout the state. 

Through our work with the NSW SES, we’re proud to support the NSW SES Cadet Program, which helps enlist the next generation of volunteers. The program aims to provide cadets with skills to service their local community, knowledge of the NSW SES service and other emergency service agencies, and encourages positive personal achievements.

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“The NSW SES Cadet Program helps enlist the next generation of volunteers, and these volunteers are a crucial part of our communities.”

NSW SES Cadet program

The cadet program is tailored for students from year nine. The five-day short course facilitated by SES volunteers is based on best practice from emergency services Australia-wide. Students visit their local SES unit, as well as other emergency services and participate in activities aimed at safety, communication and working in a team. Time spent in the program will count towards service as a full member of the SES. Upon successful completion of the program (and once the cadet has reached the age of 16), they are given the opportunity to join their local SES unit.

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NSW SES Cadet of the Year Award 2015

Each year cadet’s are nominated for the NSW SES Cadet of the Year Award, which recognises dedication, enthusiasm and support to the program as well as additional services given outside of the training, such as volunteer work and involvement in community support services.

The winner of the NSW SES Cadet of the Year Award for 2015 was Rebekah Moussa, a year 12 student from Georges River Grammar School located in the Sydney Southern region. Rebekah was nominated for the award by one of her cadet trainers. Herself and her family attended an award ceremony held at NSW Parliament House, Sydney on 11 May 2016, this was a shared event with the winner of the Rural Fire Service Cadet of the Year Award, Sophie Cox.

Congratulations to Rebekah for all her hard work and commitment to the Cadet Program. As a proud supporter of the NSW SES, Origin would like to thank her for the vital role she will play in ensuring the safety and resilience of her community by being a part of the SES.

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