New bill makes understanding energy easier

Energy bills have been overly confusing in the past so Origin have developed a new-look bill which simplifies the key information and helps customers get a better understanding of their energy usage.

Your energy bill may be a bit of a bore, but understanding what you’re being charged for can help manage your usage, and a new look bill from Origin is making it easier to see what’s what.

Research carried out by Origin1 shows that many of us just put a new bill in a pile or email folder with all the other bills. Whether it’s that we don’t have time for bills, that they’re confusing, or that they’re just simply something we find dull, your latest bill is something you should look at to understand your charges.

Here’s three things which are now easier to find: 

  1. How much you need to pay 
  2. When you need to pay by
  3. How to pay 

A better bill for clearer understanding

Origin found that 59% of people preferred the new-look bill, launched in April 2016, finding it easier to understand their charges and usage, and 93% were more likely to find the new bill to be better laid out. 

“93% of people prefer the new bill layout.”

Global research

The new bill is the result of focused research which looked beyond Australia, pulling insights from global organisiations. Origin met customers from across Australia face to face to discuss their needs and took insights from people in various living situations, metro, rural, direct debit payers, and more. Take a look at the new bill below.

VIDEO: More on the new look bill

The new look Origin bill makes understanding your energy use and charges easier.

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