Moving hacks – tips to getting it right

From advice on driving a massive van, to packing an overnight bag – these videos will save you time and help you move house like a boss.

The excitement of my big move – my ‘new chapter’ and ‘new beginning’ – wore off at about 1am, while I was packing the last of my belongings, hungry and struggling to keep my eyes open. Who would have thought moving would take so much time?

I moved out of my little 12th storey apartment last year and made the ultimate rookie error – I underestimated how much effort it would take to get a few belongings out of that tiny space.

After all – I only had one bed, an average size wardrobe, a couple of kitchen appliances and some books to pack.

When it came to moving day, I quickly realised it was going to be a lengthy process, requiring a whole lot of muscle (that I don’t have) and a heap of cardio to boot. I made about a dozen trips down the elevator before finally evacuating the building in the middle of the night. Talk about a workout. I was exhausted. My little arms hurt.

And then there was the ‘cleaning and moving into the new home’ part. I completely forgot to factor in the time it would take to unpack, clean and settle into my new place.

I just wasn’t organised.

So, to save you from making the same mistakes, we thought it would be helpful to share these YouTube videos for some great moving out tips.

From advice on driving a massive van (attempt with caution), to packing an overnight bag – these videos will save you time and help you move home like a boss.

How to drive a moving truck

If you decide against removalists, I’d suggest hiring a van. 

If you’ve never driven a large vehicle before, this video will give you some guidance. My favourite pointers are –

  • Inspect the vehicle for any dints and scratches before driving
  • Brake sooner than you’re used to
  • Allow a large turning area
  • Drive under the speed limit
  • Look into insurance for your rental vehicle

Packing tips for moving house

This video has a heap of great packing tips to save you time. Some of my favourites are:

  • Label your boxes with the room they need to go into
  • Pack your belongings into your furniture eg. use your side table draws to pack miscellaneous items 
  • Pack any essential items in an overnight box eg. toothpaste and a change of clothes

How to clean before moving out

Don’t forget to clean! This is a very important step for movers. A great tip here: if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, hire some cleaners.

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