These apps could save you money

Managing your funds can be tricky. For those who don’t love spreadsheets, these clever apps can help take control of your money.

Written by Kristy Leigh

From splitting your bills to helping you find the cheapest petrol in town, here are some handy apps that could help save you some coin.

1. Splitwise

If you’re living with a housemate, or in a share house, Splitwise is a great option to consider. The app allows you to organise household income, spending and even calculates who owes you money.

Three great things about it:

  1. All housemates can log in to check balances and add new expenses.
  2. It notifies everyone when an update is made or when important bills are due.
  3. It lets you keep track of bills, group trips and any ‘I owe you’ arrangements.

2. Australian Taxation Office (ATO)

Getting your tax return sorted is always a tedious task, especially if you haven’t been tracking your expenses throughout the year. The ATO app is incredible in that it helps you organise your tax, your work-related claims and provides help with your super.

Three great things about it:

  1. The app consolidates work-related expenses, making it easy to claim deductions at tax time.
  2. You can use the tax withheld calculator within the app.
  3. It allows you to look up Australian Business Numbers.

You’ll need to link a myGov account to the ATO in order to use the app. 

3. Fuel Map Australia

Whether it’s looking for an outfit on sale or keeping an eye out for specials at the grocery store, we’re always looking for the best price. Fuel Map Australia helps you save at the pump by displaying the price of petrol around your suburb, helping you decide whether or not the extra two minute drive is really worth it.

Three great things about it:

  1. Locations of petrol stations are shown on the map as a branded pin with the last known fuel price displayed above.
  2. Users can add current fuel prices which are then shared with other users on the map.
  3. Fuel Map also has a handy fuel log which lets you track your fuel purchases and keep tabs on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

4. ASIC’s TrackMyGoals

Lusting over a relaxing island getaway to Hawaii or an adventurous trek to Machu Picchu?  Asic’s Track My Goals app lets you set a savings goal for whatever your next big spend might be. If you’ve got the Monday blues and are tempted to hit ‘snooze’, this app might just be the motivation you’re looking for to jump out of bed!

Three great things about it:

  1. Create multiple savings goals at once, then prioritise them how you see fit.
  2. Helps keep you motivated and accountable by being able to track how close you are to your goal on the go.
  3. Handy daily saving tips pop up each day, providing you with fresh inspo on how you can save some extra coin (e.g. Bring your lunch to work today instead of buying it).

5. Origin

Keeping track of your energy usage can be a huge help come bill payment time. The Origin app is a home energy management tool that brings together all of the most useful energy-related data into one place.

Three great things about it:

  1. You can review, edit and manage your energy usage. 
  2. Origin’s mobile app lets you take control of your energy account, understand your household usage including predictions for your next bill.
  3. You’ll get alerts to help you stay on top of your bills.

Want to take control and make sure you’re on the best plan for your household? Check out our energy plan info page.

About the author

Kristy works in the Origin Social Media team and is currently studying a diploma of photography on the side. Outside of work and study, she loves going on weekend adventures, creating short travel vlogs and soaking up the sunshine (when it makes an appearance in Melbourne).

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