Monday Motivation – HandEnergy

A device that allows you to generate your own clean energy with the power of your body? You’ll want to check this out…

Written by Jordaine Chattaway

For this week’s Monday Motivation we wanted to take a more grassroots path.

So – we would like to introduce you to Be.Energy – the team behind HandEnergy – a pocket electricity generator.

The team claims the device allows you to generate your own clean energy with the power of your body; store it and charge your devices wherever you are. It’s in its early days to say the least – with a current KickStarter campaign where the team is offering ongoing updates on the production of the device. It’s had 832 backers so far so – who knows – perhaps this will be a must-have of the future!

Check out this cool video via NowThis Future to hear more about this cool idea to have self-generating energy!

Read more about this project.

VIDEO: Find out how HandEnergy works

About the author

Jordaine leads Origin’s Social Media Content by day and runs her own fashion news outlet, The Modern Black, by night. The former newspaper and television journalist loves to play with words and has a passion for finding new ways to change the world for the better … one little step at a time.

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