Walkerston BMX Club | LPG Grant Winner

Meet one of the Queensland winners of our Origin LPG sports grant competition.

When you’re standing on the dirt tracks that wrap around the Walkerston BMX course, there’s no mistaking your location.

With a view of the sugar cane fields, the air thick with humidity and the scenery green from recent rains, it’s quintessential Queensland.

However, the distinctive location also comes with a downside.

“The weather in northern Queensland is not kind to our club during the wet season,” says Carl Leeson, President, Walkerston BMX Club. “The rain erodes our hill and corners meaning we can’t use the track.”

And when Cyclone Debbie swept through the town in March this year, the impact on the club was devastating.

Nearby Bakers Creek broke its banks and everything in the club’s registration hut was swept away – including scanners, printers, documents, clothing, and even mowers and cars.

Luckily, a morale boost was already underway with the news that the Walkerston BMX Club had secured a $10,000 LPG sports grant, and a chance to showcase their rider’s talents in our national TV commercial.

“This grant from Origin LPG will help us to concrete our start hill and bitumen our corners, meaning that we can provide better facilities for our members all year around,” says Carl.

And that’s welcome news to this close-knit community.

The Walkerston BMX Club has been providing a safe and friendly environment for local riders since 1982, with members aged between 2 to 40 years. 

The improvements to the facilities will provide members with the best opportunity to excel at representative levels, and also allows the club to hold more events and attract more riders from surrounding areas. 

Having already fielded a reserve at the 2012 London Olympic Games, and boasting multiple Australian and Queensland plate holders, there’s big things in store for these riders.

And we’ve got a feeling the whole town will turn out to cheer them on – rain, hail or shine.

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