Swan Hill Kart Club

Meet the Victorian winner of our Origin LPG sports grant competition.

The Thunderdome. A 15-degree half circle of adrenaline, acceleration and enjoyment.

You could be forgiven for mistaking this as the latest attraction at a theme park, or a scene from the movie Mad Max.

But it’s the northern Victorian town of Swan Hill you’d need to venture to if you want to enjoy it in person.

The Thunderdome is a unique feature of the Swan Hill Kart Club racing track, and it’s this draw card – and the friendly, community-focused nature of the club – that regularly brings racers to the track.

The good weather helps too. With more sunny days than the Gold Coast, the town is the perfect place for your vitamin D dose. 

For the Swan Hill Kart Club, however, all that sunshine has its downside when winter starts to wrap up.

“In summer the temperatures in our clubrooms can get very hot, so we are in need of insulation to protect our members from the heat and keep them cool,” says Jason Gibson, President of the Swan Hill Kart Club.

It was this plea that turned up the heat in our LPG sports grant competition, and won the club $10,000.

“This Origin LPG grant is going to help us insulate our club rooms and allow us to provide a much more welcoming and cool space where participants and spectators can comfortably relax away from the summer heat,” says Jason.

And if that sounds like a tempting way to spend a Sunday, the Swan Hill Kart Club provides free camping facilities with toilets and showers, plus a large lawn area in front of the canteen for spectators to watch racing in comfort.

Just remember to send us a postcard.

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