Sandy Bay Sailing Club | LPG Grant Winner

Meet the Tasmanian winner of our Origin LPG sports grant competition.

Sailing in Tasmania has a much-loved history, with the annual Sydney to Hobart race churning out more armchair yacht enthusiasts than you can poke a stick at.

But look at a map, and you’ll find that your finger doesn’t need to trace too far before you stumble upon Antarctica.

It was these cold waters that warmed our hearts when the Sandy Bay Sailing Club made a plea for their share of $10,000.

“As a sailing club in Tasmania, our junior sailors are pretty much always cold,” explained Commodore Angus Sprott in his winning entry.

“With our gas showers already sorted, we’d like to renovate the kitchen so we can prepare hot meals to warm the kids from the inside out.”

It’s a plan the junior sailors are sure to approve of. And with the youngest age group hitting the waters at just six years of age, they’ll be taking home more than just full bellies.

“Our children all learn life skills that prepare them for their future as community citizens,” says Angus.

“Confidence, resilience, decision making and taking responsibility for themselves and their crew are all benefits that come with learning to sail.”

The Sandy Bay Sailing Club has been providing sailing instruction – and the valuable life skills that go with it – for almost 70 years, and it’s this commitment that makes them a worthy recipient of an Origin LPG sports grant.

And while Antarctica might be a bridge too far, keep an eye on the international sailing stage. With competitors spotted in Italy, Argentina and the Netherlands, we’ve got a feeling there’s a red-hot future in store for these Sandy Bay sailors.

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