North Albany Football Club | LPG Grant Winner

Meet the Western Australian winner of our Origin LPG sports grant competition.

For many footy players, having a doctor on hand is an essential part of looking after your health. Strains, sprains, concussions and cuts – with all that jostling on field, it’s sensible to stay close to a trained medic.

However, in the Western Australian town of Albany, a visit from the doctor means something quite different.

That’s because the Albany Doctor isn’t actually a medical professional. It’s what the locals call the cold wind that chops up the Southern Ocean and blows across the rugged coast surrounding Albany.

Luckily, the town itself is sheltered, which makes handballing or kicking a goal a lot easier for those relieved residents who like to try their hand on the field.

The favourable weather has also freed up one of the local sports clubs to focus on another important aspect of a well-oiled footy team – keeping the players fed.

“A big part of our club’s focus is being able to provide meals to our members, supporters and their families at a low cost on Friday nights,” says Iian Woods, President of the North Albany Football Club.

It was this care for the community and its players that caught our attention and resulted in a $10,000 LPG sports grant win.

Established in 1897, the North Albany Football Club is part of the Great Southern Football League and currently fields two senior and two junior teams. 

Needless to say, these teams are excited about a revamp of the club’s catering.

“This Origin LPG grant is going to contribute towards a much needed upgrade of our kitchen so that we can continue to provide a welcoming place for local families to come and socialise and enjoy a meal,” says Iian. 

With a new freezer and storage facilities now on order, your chances of a yummy meal after a match look promising.

But with around 60 boys under 18 calling the club home – you better be quick!

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