LPG grant winner: Meningie Football Club

Meet the South Australian winner of our Origin LPG sports grant competition.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of footy?

It might be the feeling you get when the players run out on the field before the start of a match. Perhaps it’s your team colours. Or the memory of a grand final won – or lost.

How about poetry?

Nope, that didn’t spring to mind for us either. But the small town of Meningie in South Australia set out to change that when they sent through a rhyming plea for cash in our LPG sports grant competition.

The poem, penned by Emma from the Meningie Football Club, was such a delight that we couldn’t resist rewarding the club with a $10,000 grant win. See for yourself:

Hello, it’s the Meningie Football Club here
A club which we hold very dear.
And in our annual quest to chase glory
We can tell a really sad story…
You see our facilities are simply quite gross
With the funds spent on what’s required the most.
So as usual the needs of the mums
Have come second to those of their sons.
Our upgraded change rooms are now very flash
But they’ve used up all our reserves of cash.
The canteen is still horrid and foul
And it’s what we need to focus on right now.
The club volunteers are the heart and backbone
Who work tirelessly with seldom a moan
So if $10,000 was to come our club’s way
It would really make our Treasurer’s day.
This story is truly no joke
As we are such dedicated and honest country folk.
And we all know that cooking with Origin gas
Will seriously help our players kick ass.

Of course, writing poetry isn’t the only area where the club’s got talent.

“2017 promises to be a good year for the Meningie Football Club both on and off the field, and it has already started well,” says Steve Averay, President, Meningie Football Club.

“With the long-awaited opening of our new change rooms, great recruiting and a strong pre-season there’s a lot to be excited about. Added to this we are the very grateful SA winners of a grant from Origin LPG and I thank them for their generosity and commitment to local sport.”

Meningie Football Club was established in 1898 and joined the River Murray Football League in 1955. With a membership of more than 200, the club provides a welcoming environment for players, supporters, volunteers and the wider community to connect.

With the season well and truly underway, it’s the perfect time to head down to the grounds and watch the team in action. 

Who knows? You may even spot some spontaneous poetry recitals in the stands…

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