Gooloogong Country Club | LPG Grant Winner

With more vowels than a game of scrabble, you could be forgiven for giving the word ‘Gooloogong’ a couple of tries before pronouncing it with confidence.

But after winning $10,000 this month in our LPG sports grant competition, the Gooloogong Country Club is doing its bit to put the region on the national radar.

The club is located in a small town west of Orange that has a population of 466 people. With a bowling green, tennis court, cricket pitch and a small putting golf course, the Gooloogong Country Club acts as a welcoming meeting place for the local community.

But don’t be fooled by the posh name. The members of the club proved themselves to be every bit as down-to-earth and up for a laugh as we suspected when we came to town to film their club for our national TV commercial. 

And with $10,000 now on hand, the future of the club looks bright – or should we say, shady.

“In the middle of summer it can get unbearably hot for our lawn bowlers and we need to be able to provide them with some shade and relief from the sun,” says Christine Pickard, Gooloogong Country Club President.

“This Origin LPG grant is going to allow us to erect a cover all around the bowling green so that people can enjoy our facilities and get some relief from the sun and heat.”

With the additional investment, we hope that in several years’ time Christine will have more Gooloogong sporting celebrities to add to her wall of fame.

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