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At Origin we are providing good energy in more ways than one. It’s our people that are working hard to support our customer and communities across Australia every day. 

Maxine’s story

Growing up in Roma, Maxine’s always had a deep connection to the land. It’s this same connection and passion for her community that drew her to be a Stakeholder Liaison for Origin’s Integrated Gas business.  

Recently, we sat down with Maxine and asked her what a typical day looks like. She was generous enough to walk us through it, and here’s what she had to say, “A typical day involves linking in with field teams, then connecting with Landowners. It’s my job to ensure they’re across what’s happening on their land. I also spend time within the Roma community, connecting them with landowners and supporting where I can.” It’s this meaningful work that makes Maxine feel, in her own words, ‘blessed’ to come into work each day.  

She said, “The culture at Origin is supportive and inclusive. They truly believe in their vision of ‘One team, One Origin’. I’ve always felt as though I was a part of a collective of amazing people.”  

Before Maxine joined the Origin team, she was a teacher of 21 years. So, when the local Injune kindergarten lost their qualified kindy teacher, her devotion to her community and passion for education kicked in once again.  

“After the kindergarten reached out, I ended up writing their fortnightly program. This took roughly six hours of my time, then it was a matter of conference calls, reviewing the plan, following up with the team to see how it was going, and developing the next plan. This went on for about 12 months and now the syllabus is built for years to come”. Maxine was able to give her time with the support of our Origin Energy Foundation’s volunteer program.  

“If this didn’t happen, the kindergarten may have closed its doors. That meant children wouldn’t be able to continue early education, which is vital in the formative years”, she said. 

 Maxine’s commitment to stepping up and supporting her community, highlights her dedication to seeking out opportunities that have a positive impact and it’s little wonder when she lives by the below mantra (a farming saying from her dad):  

 “Unless you’re the lead dog the view never changes” – meaning you can see your opportunities if you stay at the front of the pack, if you are at the back it’s all dust and backsides.”  

Like Maxine, we share her views on the importance of education. Through the work of our philanthropic arm, the Origin Energy Foundation and it’s partnerships, we have supported more than 62,000 young Australians in education.    

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